I attended the Kagan training in July. I've been focused on looking at existing activities or lessons and putting Kagan into them.
My students love technology and any opportunity to use the computer. I already had a host of web games that relate to just about any topic we are working on. Also. our district implimented a weekly reading test that includes grammar skills and these web games provide a fun way to review... but I wanted to find a way to structure it with Kagan to keep it productive.
I couldn't find an existing structure that included the use of comptuers so I applied PIES and came up with an activity I call "Hot Seat"
1. Student 1 sits at the computer and completes one step of the on-line activity
2. Student 2 stands behind and coaches
3. Students 3 and 4 watch and praise
4. When one step is complete the student in the "Hot Seat" gets up and recieves his/her praise then goes to the end of the line.
5. The coach then sits down in the "Hot Seat", the 1st praiser becomes the new coach and so on.
6. The team continues to rotate after each step until they have completed the task or game.
My question is...
Is this an existing structure, and if so where can I find details to make sure I have set it up correctly.
and if not... are there any problems you see or PIES that are missing?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.