Just a general question that hopefully someone can shed some light on.

Last night around 11pm my elderly mother got door knocked several times. She was in bed and it woke her up and she didn't leave her room because she was home alone and frightened. She said they knocked twice and then assumedly left so she locked her bedroom door and went back to bed.

This morning there was a card left on the floor, slid under the door saying that it was the police and they were attempting to serve paperwork and left a number to call. She gave the info to me and I called the number and it was in fact the Police but the Duty Sergeant had no record of a home visit by them last night at her address.

What type of paperwork do Police serve in person at 11pm usually? My guess is it would be something criminal related perhaps if they have to do it in person and at that time of night but then it would be in the records for the shift at the station. I know they serve DV docs at the door with a summons etc as I have witnessed that in the past but other than that I don't have a clue.

Mum is freaking out about it thinking it is some long lost friend or relative who has died but I doubt they would do that in person at 11pm. I am thinking it was a wrong address or at a stretch something sinister perhaps.

Anywho thanks in advance.

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