I'm planning my move to Chile later this year so I'd like to ask you some questions about taxation.
I currently work for an European company over the internet - I'm Brazilian so I'll apply for the MERCOSUL visa when in Chile (don't know if you're aware of how this visa works, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't affect tax issues, I'll be a foreigner with a residency anyway).
So, I'll probably remain doing what I do, and I'd like to know if/what kinds of taxes I'd have to pay. I don't make loads of money with this job, so there might be some sort of 'exemption' of taxes for low income that I may benefit from... I'd be working for a non-Chilean company, working in Chile (at home) but not providing direct services to Chile or Chilean people.
Chilean law experts... what can you tell me about my situation?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.