As an executive with an ATT collaborates with SM service, here you have two passwords and just one pin. 1 password to get ATT collaborates program and one for company Center and one PIN for Collaborate features. By logging in you can view your Collaborate services and features.
Once you sign into the collaborates program, you are now prompted for a different username and password. Here your program username is made up of your ten icons collaborate AT&T telephone number for example
If you want to reset your program and password and attribute PIN for yours and the users in your business too.
App passwords must follow these principles:
• It is mandatory to use at least 1 number, one uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and one special character has to be there. For example P@ssword1
• You must not use your small business information, like your extension and your contact number.
• Do not use your previous password at any order.
• When you call into Collaborate attributes, such as voice-mail or virtual office, you’re asked to enter a PIN.
Your PIN setting has to follow these rules:
1. You have to use only numbers
2. The period of PIN should be between 6 to 8 characters. For instance 256475, 5467342 and 86426892.
3. You must not use your business details like an extension or your phone number.
4. Do not replicate (4444) the amount and you should use the number in consecutive (12345) order.
5. Additionally, you must not use your preceding PIN in any purchase.
How to reset a user’s collaborated app password
• Proceed to the Collaborate homepage, and also on the left menu, then enlarge the users, then click Manage users. Now will see manage users page.
• Now search or select the users you want. Here manage page for this user appears.
• Click on the Link tab, and after that under useful links, you have to click Reset collaborate program password. You can observe the Reset password
• Here now you have to enter the new password two times, then click the SAVE button.
How to Reset user’s attributes PIN
1. On the homepage, left on the left menu, expand the consumer’s icon and then click the manage users. Now the handle users page looks here.
2. From the search area look for the user, you would like. The handle page looks here for that user.
3. Click the Setup voicemail and manage the messages page looks.
4. From the section, click Reset PIN. You’re requested to confirm that you need to reset the PIN to your consumer.
5. Finally, you have to enter the new PIN twice, and after a click on Reset.
For more contact att customer support number +1-850-441-2327